All Natural Orange Mate Air Freshener (207ml)

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Product Overview

Eliminate odors the natural way! The Orange-Mate family of all natural air fresheners and room deodorizers will freshen without leaving any unpleasant chemical odor.
Available in 100% natural scents of orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

Freshens the air without any artificial chemicals, Destroys odors - Does not just mask them, Made from the highest quality biodegradable citrus ingredients.
Non-aerosol container carries no fluorocarbons, hydrocarbons or propellants, Unique spray system delivers a finer mist than most products to spread and circulate more efficiently.
Works faster and lasts longer than perfumed chemical air fresheners.

Pure, natural orange oils and concentrated orange essence, taken from fresh, naturally grown oranges.  

*NOT tested on animals


(No reviews yet) Write a Review